What gifts are on your list this holiday season? Headphones, socks, scarves? Instead of giving another gift to a loved one that they don’t really need or want, consider giving the gift of peace of mind and lasting memories with a clear and well executed estate plan. While many people would not make the association between the joyful holidays and estate planning, creating an estate plan is one of the most selfless and loving gifts you could ever make. Help protect and provide for those close to you with one of the greatest gifts of all, your estate plan.

Consider the following: Do you have children? If those children are grown, do they have a plan in place to provide for their children? Will you be raising your grandchildren? What about your parents? What steps have you put into place so you can care for and support one another. How many of you have advanced health care directives in place to ensure that family members will know your medical wishes and have the authority to see that those wishes are followed? How many of you have a plan so that a loved one or trustworthy person may step in and seamlessly take over handling your finances if you are not able to do so.

Giving the gift of an estate plan will:

Allow you to feel secure in the knowledge that you have your financial house in order.

Rest assured that you are keeping your money and assets safe and protected.

Have a chosen guardian for your children.

Keep your family out of court.

Know that you are leaving your loved ones a gift far greater than money.

As you watch your favorite movies, bake yummy cookies, volunteer at the local soup kitchen, and gather with your family and friends… think about the gifts you want to give this year. Here at ELTC Law Group, we think the most important thing you can do at the holidays or ever is to spend time with the people you love, be with them and be there for them now and always.

Written by ELTC Law Group

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