“Giving” up your Estate

There are many philosophies on what to do with an Estate.  Some people “spend it all” while others “save it all” for the kids.  If you plan to leave something for your children, will it help them?  Will it hurt them?  Will they spend it all, lose it in a divorce or bankruptcy?  Do they really even need it or would a token amount do?  It isn’t easy to know what will happen with anything that you leave your children Read More

Estate Planning as Insurance

Insurance is something that most all of us get “in case” something happens- a car accident, house fire, flooding, broken bone, etc. In most cases, it is rare that you are using any or all of your insurance policies at any point in time or even during a given year. But, insurance can save us a lot of money and heartache over the expenses that we might incur. Unlike a tree falling on your car, death is certain. Read More

The World of Fiduciaries

What does Fiduciary Mean? A fiduciary is someone who has a legal obligation to take care of someone or something. The fiduciary may have be named, appointed or self-motivated to handle the issue(s), which could be financial, ethical or even over health or other personal matters. What types of people are considered legal fiduciaries? The list can get pretty long, but the most common fiduciaries are Personal Read More

Legacy of Love or Frustration

Having an estate plan to take care of yourself, those you love and your assets is such a relief to have completed even in the most simple of situations. But what if you don’t have a super simple situation? What if your spouse gets sick and uses up all the assets? What if this is a second marriage? What if the kids from your current or prior marriage don’t get along – or have never even met? What if you want your Read More

The Key to Successful Estate Planning

What...? I have homework?! You work hard for what you have. You provide for your family and do all you can to protect your family and assets. While "getting your affairs in order" is an important first step, however, as important or more important is the second step — doing the homework associated with your estate plan. This is necessary for your documents to work as you intended. For instance, if you have a Read More

How is Your Will Affected by Divorce?

When you are married and implementing your estate plan, it’s a given that your spouse is included in your Will. But what happens to your estate plans if your marriage suffers a divorce?   It’s easy to neglect changing your estate planning documents in the midst of court filings, deadlines, and attorney meetings—but VERY important that you remember to do so! Failing to make changes to your Will after a divorce Read More

Preparing Your Estate for a Smooth Probate Process

The word “probate” has the tendency to instill discomfort and even fear in the people it affects. However, entering into the probate process can have some very positive benefits for all involved. Ensuring this positive probate experience all boils down to how you prepare for it. Some things you can do to ensure a smooth probate process are: Cover key components in your Will such as care for any dependent Read More

What Being “Intestate” Means

Very simply put, someone is considered “intestate” when they pass away without a Will. Similarly, one can be considered “partially intestate” if they die with a Will that covers only portions of their assets. The implications of dying intestate can be far-reaching, and will most likely subject your estate to intestate succession. What is Intestate Succession?   Intestate succession is what happens when you die Read More

This is Why You Need a Trust

In the past, Trusts were seen as a tool only the wealthy needed to protect their investments, and assets, and to pass down wealth to their heirs. These days, however, younger generations are beginning to learn the benefits of establishing a Trust, regardless of the amount of assets they’ve accumulated. Here are just a few reasons why, at any age, establishing a trust is beneficial to you: Managing and Read More

Beware of These Mistakes When Writing Your Will!

Estate planning is often something people put off until later in life, but it’s important for anyone of any age to have an updated Will in place in the event of the unexpected. If you do have a Will in place, you’re ahead of the game, but mistakes in the preparation process could prove to be detrimental in the long run. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when drafting your Will: Doing it Yourself - your Read More