3 Tips on Choosing the Right Guardian

What is a guardian?

A guardian is a person or agency that has been court appointed to manage someone’s affairs. When it comes to the elderly, this is mostly due to mental deterioration or physical incapacity. The guardian then assumes the rights of the incapacitated person and will be responsible for making life decisions on their behalf. A guardian can be held accountable for their actions by the court.

How do I choose the right guardian? Ask:

  1.      Can the person make sound decisions when faced with tough choices?

A guardian is tasked with very tough choices; whether it’s medical decisions or decisions regarding daily living. In many cases, there won’t be any black or white answers and they will receive opposition for their decisions.

  1.       Does the person have a lot of dependents?

Being the legal guardian puts an immense strain on your relationship with those around you. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose someone who doesn’t already have a lot of other dependents relying on them.

  1.       Think hard before applying for the position yourself.

With tough guardianship decisions comes a lot of family strife. It is advisable to appoint someone who is neutral and who deals with guardianships in a professional capacity.

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